Welcome to Bates Beach Farm Market

Home Grown Strawberries • Blueberries • Tomatoes • Peppers • Garlic and so much more. 

Open 10am-5pm, Thurs-Sun

We are located in the beautiful Comox Valley at Bates Beach beside Seal Bay Regional Park. Our farm is located on Bates Road offering a special ocean influenced micro-climate for growing tasty fruits and vegetables. Exceptionally warm and moderate temperatures from ocean breezes plus clean island air gives us the edge for optimum growing. Our focus is towards a Mediterranean diet and we grow all we can in this pursuit. 

We are growers of the finest berries and vegetables this area of Vancouver Island has to offer. We grow a variety of seasonal favourites. Our reputation was built on our luscious tomatoes and outstanding strawberries and blueberries. Our garlic is aso legendary for size and flavour. Our varieties are unique to our farm and the reason they stand out above the rest. We put special care into everything we grow and offer.



Welcome to Bates Beach Farm, please stop by for fresh vegetables and fruit grown on our farm. What have we got in store for you? Home grown tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, cucumbers, garlic, onions, beans, and home made soups and salsas.

Winter at the Market

Winter at the Market

Thanks for checking us out. We are into winter hours now. We are offering these hours to serve you over the winter with as many of our products as possible. We are also working with other local vendors to offer a convenient location for their products as well. Winter poses challenges for our supply buying. We are working with as many local growers as possible to do our best for our supporters. Thanks for all you have done over this year. Together we have worked through the challenges and will do our best to continue. We hope to get a daily product page up soon. See you soon!

Looking for Canning Tomatoes?

Looking for Canning Tomatoes?

Our canning tomatoes are ripe and ready for your fall canning. Ideal for soups, salsas, pasta sauce or whatever your preferrred canning project warrants.

From our Farm to your Table

Check out our Products page for more information on available farm food products.

Bates Beach Farm Market offers a wide variety of our own home grown produce as well as vegetables contributed by some of our other outstanding area growers. We make many seasonal fresh products such as salsa and soups, also available in our frozen aisle. If we offer it you can be assured of fresh quality. To meet our standards only the best will do. 

Our products are featured in local fine restaurants. As well you can usually find us at the Comox Valley Farmers market Saturday mornings 9am to 1pm.

Ordering From the Farm

We can take orders anytime, bulk or custom. If you want a recurring order just let us know we will it have ready for you. Just check availability it is constantly changing. An email works great!

Delivery available. We can fill orders for you and deliver them to your home, please contact us for details.

See you at the Comox Valley Farmers Market. We have a booth for your convenience at the Farmers Market Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

See you soon!
Mike Obal